The Idea

In many ways, the idea of Utopia exists in the mind and heart of every parent. Which parent wouldn’t have wished for a place where they are happy and content pursuing their passions, while their children are thriving in a cozy and safe setting engaged in play, adventure, learning and other activities? We founded Utopia with the goal of transforming the lifestyle of parents, while they enable their children to play, learn and have fun. Utopia is for adults who have a child in them and a child with them.

Why Utopia

Utopia fills the huge void that exists in the city for an ecosystem where parents and kids together get to unwind, get fit, play and eat all under one roof. While there are ample stand-alone fitness areas, kids play areas, Cafés, activity centers and media zones, there is no integrated facility where all of these services seamlessly come together for parents and kids alike. Utopia is for you, if you are a parent like us who loves to relax over a cup of coffee and a fiction novel, or keen to get onto a fitness routine or maybe even catch up on your binge-watching or karaoke passions, while your child is happily crawling, playing, climbing, swinging and running around under safe supervision.

What We Offer

Utopia has a wide variety of services to offer
for both parents and kids.

  • Patisserie & Café

  • Yoga & Zumba Classes

  • Fitness Boot Camps

  • Infant Room for Nursing Parents

  • Conference Room for Working Parents

  • Karaoke

  • Binge Watching

  • Mini Library

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Valet Parking

  • Play Area

  • Mini Art Corner

  • Learning Zone

  • Adventure Zone

  • After School Care

  • Fitness & Dance Sessions

  • Corporate Events

  • Birthday Parties

  • Christmas Parties

  • Special Occasion Parties

  • Kitty Parties

  • Field Trip For Kids

Team Utopia

What brought us together to create Utopia was the fact that we are fellow parents, friends and enjoy the company of each other. We felt it would be fantastic to bring together our individual talents and passions to create Utopia, and are thrilled to have started this journey.